Gepost door: -paul | 10 februari 2014

Kate in New Zealand (3)

Bullet and Kiss are Ocicats which is a relatively new breed of domestic cat. The name comes from their supposed resemblance to an ocelot. These two are being looked after by my brother and his wife on their farm. Last Friday, B and K had their equilibrium gravely disturbed by the exuberant arrival of Maggie Webster. Maggie is a chocolate labrador who plainly believes that cats, no matter how new the breed, are definitely there to be chased. Bullet and Kiss have always lived with a dog with no problems so they didn’t see canines as a problem. Maggie Webster shattered that illusion by making a full frontal attack. The Ocicats were very surprised but fortunately self-preservation is ingrained deep in the feline soul and the pair legged it up the nearest tree before Maggie could close in. Their they stayed, keeping an anxious look-out and waiting for developments in the situation.Maggi Webster
My brother felt that Maggie had to be taught a lesson and the method of doing so which is considered effective with wayward dogs is the electric collar. A collar with a metal attachment is fitted tightly around the dog’s neck and the owner has a small remote controller. I am not sure I really approve of these things but on this occasion it worked out well for the Ocicats. When Maggie next saw one of them, which in all innocence had been enticed to leave the sanctuary of the sequoia tree, and charged towards it my brother shouted ‘No!’ very firmly and pressed the remote control. Maggie stopped dead in her tracks, yelping with pain from the electric shock in her neck. Subsequently she has lost interest in the cats and they in turn have gradually regained their former poise and self-confidence.


  1. Oh wat een grappig verhaal, zo zie je maar, chocolades zijn niet voor de poes!!

  2. Dear Maggie, I feel so sorry for you.

  3. wonder if Maggie plans full revenge

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