Gepost door: -paul | 24 januari 2016

Mclaren Falls

En route to Tauranga, a large town and port on the east coast, I noticed a signpost to McLaren Falls. Not more than three kms from the main road you reach this enchanting picnic spot, a place where Health and Safety appear to be keeping a low profile. There’s a little path from the roadside down to the rocks and from there you make your way to the large rock at the top of the falls beyond which is the Wairoa stream in which happy children were frolicking while their parents were unpacking lunch. Further upstream a large park is being developed.  All this is just ten minutes from Tauranga which is already blessed with several good beaches on its harbour and a little beyond a wonderful surfing beach.


  1. Details of the trout fishing at McLaren Falls in your next bulletin no doubt!
    Neil B

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