Gepost door: -paul | 23 februari 2014

Kate in New Zealand (4)

There is a special beach in New Zealand where hot volcanic water bubbles up through the sand. It is known (OK, a bit unimaginatively!) as Hot Water Beach and it is on the Coromandel Peninsula in the north-east of the North Island where the weather is nice and hot and people go to the beach a lot (remember, north = warmer in the southern hemisphere). Unfortunately the hot spot is right at the bottom of the beach so to wait for the lowest of low tides to take advantage of it. There is no danger of anyone being cooked like a lobster, though, the water has come a long way through the ground before it reaches us.Coromandel -2 But sitting a natural home-made bath is a wonderful feeling, and it’s all free. People flock to HWB to dig their own little bathtub in the sand and just luxuriate there. The volcanic area is really quite small so it gets a bit crowded. The fun only lasts until the tide comes in. Then it is all washed away and we are left with only our memories … and our photographs. By the way, if you are wondering where I am in these pictures, I am the one behind the camera!


  1. Because it’s so popular, we look forward to your first selfie Kate.

  2. also in New Zealand a lot of fat people

    • Hmm Sjaak, I count on those two pictures a total of sixty people. Two of them are clearly ‘excessive’ fat. That is 3.33%. And that does not seem to me to square with a lot of fat people in New Zealand.

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