Gepost door: -paul | 4 februari 2014

Kate in New Zealand (2)

Duck story 01
A conservation group is conducting research into the local mallard duck population. For this purpose, cages have been set up in the vicinity of a couple of ponds in Paterangi, the district in which I grew up. The cages were put in place a week in advance and corn was put in them so that the ducks became used to entering to eat and then escaping through the narrow entrances. On the day of the survey the owners of the ponds went down very early and closed all the exits from the boxes.Duck story 02 By the time the research team arrived at 0800 all the ducks, and several unwary sparrows as well, were trapped inside the boxes. Each duck was then grabbed by a volunteer; taken to an expert who examined each bird and announced to a record keeper whether they were juvenile or adult, male or female. Once that had been sorted out, a numbered band was put on its leg and the duck was allowed to fly off, protesting loudly about the unfairness of it all.


  1. Kate how wonderful to read your news via Paul from N Z while we are under the palmtrees in Sao Paulo where it is pretty warm 38 degrees.Have a very good time and we think of all the JEUDIS

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